Debt counseling in Harburg

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In 2015, the Federal Statistical Office counted 243 personal bankruptcies in Hamburg’s southernmost district of Harburg . What sounds like little to the approximately 170,000 inhabitants, increases, if it is considered that the bankruptcy usually precedes a debt that could be defused by wise debt counseling in Harburg. In most parts of Harburg, there is a slightly above-average number of indebted people. With over 11 percent, in the district of Hamburg -Harburg, it was even close to 20 percent.

Debt counseling services in Harburg

debt advice Address and contact options
ADN debt counseling Harburg

Radicke St. 28
21079 Hamburg-Harburg

Tel .: 040/593 555 11


HSI Hamburg debt and insolvency advisory Martin-Leuschel-Ring 14,
21073 Hamburg-Harburg

Tel .: 040/4136080


What you should look out for at a debt counseling service in Harburg

Those who do not want to make the leap over the Elbe to seek a debt counseling, will quickly find in Harburg. Several counseling centers are located in Harburg. It is important in the search for a suitable debt counseling to ensure that this is recognized under § 305 of the Bankruptcy Code .

This means that the city considers the respective job to be qualified enough to provide debt counseling. The offers of debt counseling in Harburg are basically addressed to all indebted and indebted individuals and families.

Is the debt counseling service in Hamburg-Harburg free?

As a rule, debt counseling in Hamburg is general and Harburg is subject to special charges. However, under an income limit of € 1,298 , the costs can be covered. The reimbursement of costs can also be applied for at the corresponding debt counseling service in Harburg .

As an alternative to debt counseling in Harburg, a solicitor can also help with bankruptcy law . The initial talks are usually free .

The Hamburger Schuldner- und Insolvenzberatung (HSI) , which is based in Harburg and belongs to the Hamburger und Jugendhilfe association, can be reached, for example, three days a week without prior notice.

Usually once a month, there is also a free debt counseling service in Harburg at the Treffpunkt Hölertwiete . Here interested and debtors receive advice on various topics relating to money worries and debts.